$500 College Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to our very first 1CA Essay $500 Scholarship winner, Therese Diamond from Illinois. Therese will be attending St. Mary’s College this fall where she will be majoring in Social work.

On behalf of all first responders, the 1CA family thanks you for your support!!

Check out a copy of her award winning essay below:


As Americans, we are afforded the advantageous privilege of near-constant security. At any point in time, we are all just three numbers away from immediate assistance. And this assistance knows no boundaries, no barriers, no prejudice. This assistance is given to us by some of the most altruistic people our society has to offer. Our nation’s First Responders take the more dangerous and more demanding route so that others may live more comfortably and more securely. These brave men and women go out into the world every single day, putting their lives on the line so that people like you and me can live in a safe community. I can only imagine the variety of people our First Responders must encounter on a daily basis, and although I wish every person showed them the gratitude they deserve, I know that these First Responders face emotional challenges as well as physical ones. I am sure there are times when people seem undeserving of such
assistance, and I am even more certain that it would be an extremely daunting task to provide such people with a helping hand. But even in the face of adversity, the First Responders treat every person they encounter as if they were their own. And if they can do this everyday of their lives, then the least I can do is thank them like they are one of my own. So on behalf of everyone in your debt, thank you.  (Therese Diamond, 2019)



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